Who was Sandy Gum?

Dr. H. Sanford Gum, or “Sandy,” was one of the original founders of CIWEA, which was originally established as the California Cooperative Education Association or CCEA in 1974. He maintained his active membership continuously until retiring from higher education in December 2009.

While teaching drafting at the College of San Mateo from 1963 - 1984, Sandy was actively involved in many organizations related to work experience:

  • The California Internship & Work Experience Association (CIWEA)
  • The Western Association of Cooperative Work Experience Education (WACWEE)
  • The Cooperative Education & Internship Association (CEIA)
  • The Northwest Cooperative Education Association (NWCEA)
  • The Washington Cooperative Education Association (WACEA)

Sandy firmly believed in service to his community and was a long time member of Kiwanis. Sandy served on the board of CIWEA in many capacities including President, Past President, Regional Representative, and Historian. After retiring from the College of San Mateo in 1984, Sandy was recruited by Foothill College to work with apprentices involved with the various building trades at the college until his second retirement in 2009.

Dr. H. Sanford Gum received his Bachelor of Arts degree from San Jose State University, his Master of Arts degree from Stanford University and his Doctor of Education degree from Oregon State University.

Sandy passed away March 8, 2013.